Designed to support the weaker and less wanted people in life.


Nobody is better than others! 

We are all born equal, but the social heritage or problems make some children feel very difficult from the beginning.


Children are innocent!

All children are innocent, no child has asked to come to the world. But more and more children end up in institutions and thus come less fortunate with life.

We want to make sure that just the children can get the best terms with food, medicine, upbringing and care.

It's terrible to grow up without ties to parents and relatives. So we in the Pryter Foundation will do whatever we can to help the institution's children to healthy and safe growth.


4% of revenue at Sustainable Energy Plant! 

In the areas where We have set up Our Sustainable Energy Plants, we provide 4% of gross revenue to orphanages in the local community.

The orphanage or institutions will receive a ceremony with a promised grant of 4% of our gross revenue at the Sustainable Energy Plant in their local area.

The 4% go will only go to the purchase of wishes from the institution.

We shop in and send it all to them. We would like to contribute with our ideas and ideas, but it is the institution that makes sense.


Schools shape the future!

4% of revenue at Sustainable Energy Plant!

Sustainable Energy Plant And Pryter Foundation ensure that the individual school is able to reach a higher level with no public money. The school can apply for teaching materials, electronic equipment and sports equipment. This will make schooling better and more contentious. The school can apply for equipment, excursions as well.

The goal is to offer each school student in the local area an electronic device with associated paid sim card. It may be a lap top or an ipad with on-line access to electronic media as well as teaching. The unit is intended for school use but will be handed to each student as a real estate. This will ensure that the student can get better opportunities in his future life and thus help shape his / her own education.

Similarly, the school can set a student for a scholarship with accompanying pocket money and family allowance.

After graduation, the diploma student must work two years for the Pryter Foundation with corresponding salary, of course, as a stipend for the fellowship. The diploma of the student will be sent out in the local area where we believe that the best benefit of a newly hatched student can be taken.


Rings in the water!

As an overall goal, we want the children and young people we support, help in the community and raise society to a higher level. We hope they remember where they come from and are proud of it!

Pryter Foundation is founded with the goal of reminding my grand parents who looked after me when I needed it.
Honor their memory.

I miss you a lot!

Your grandchild!

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